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Beastborne, A LitRPG Story

Lost in a world of magic and monsters, Hal fights to survive in a brutal land and escape execution from its rulers. He isn’t the first to arrive with Marked powers. Those Founders tamed parts of the world for their own, and refuse to welcome a new Founder.

Ingenuity and courage won’t be enough to deal with all the goblins, bandits, undead, dragons, and everything else that hunts him and his friends.

He’ll need to risk his humanity by embracing the beast to wield monstrous magic. Once he levels up first that is, and turns from cowardly prisoner to brave adventurer.

Follow Hal and his party’s journey of dungeon crawling, settlement building, spell-slinging adventure as they carve out a bastion in the wilds. Freedom and safety is hard-won, and cannot be achieved alone. Only by forging bonds with fellow adventurers and monster allies does Hal and his would-be-kingdom have any hope of surviving the hazardous realm.

Update Times: Five days a week. Patreon supporters get 30 chapters in advance of the public release schedule.

Things to expect: Weak to Strong MC, No Harems, Kingdom Building, Party Combat & Mechanics, Spellsword MC, Crafting, Multiple PoVs from Heroes & Villains

Latest Book Releases

Sylvie Asleton and the Coven of Glass, Brookmoors Magi Book 2

A Curse threatening to break free. A deadly rivalry between Covens. An eldritch monster hunting students.

Sylvie Asleton must prove herself worthy, or lose magic forever and with it all hope for survival.

Even with the threat of expulsion and being treated like an outcast, Sylvie refuses to give up her dream of learning magic.

After a clash with tragedy, she realizes being a Witness comes at a steep price. And anyone who allies with her is put in the treacherous crosshairs of monster and Magi alike.

Sylvie needs to rely on her Coven and a hefty dose of luck if she’s going to catch a monster, or else there won’t be a Brookmoors to be kicked out of.

Coven of Glass is the riveting second installment in the Brookmoors Magi series, a dark urban fantasy with a deep magic system set in a hidden world rife with supernatural creatures, fantastical vistas, and ancient structures seemingly with a mind of their own.

Sylvie Asleton and the Shrike's Curse, Brookmoors Magi Book 1

When a girl suffers from a magical affliction of misfortune and misery must confront the impossible being made real and chase after the secrets of her past.

Orphaned by flames and haunted by malevolent shadows, Sylvie Asleton doesn’t have it easy living in New York.

At least Sylvie kept out of the mental asylum by claiming magic isn’t real.

When Sylvie’s life is on the brink of disaster, suddenly a mysterious letter arrives in her apartment, inviting her to Brookmoors Academy of Sorcery and Invocation, offering to teach her magic.

But Sylvie's chance to beat the esoteric trials and tests is slim, especially when few out of the country ever pass. And those that fail lose their memories.

The odds are further stacked against Sylvie when something sinister and monstrous hunts her, a ghost out of the past that stops at nothing to prevent her from going to Brookmoors.

Learning magic is Sylvie’s only hope to survive, but can she fight off the curse that locks her powers away and discover her heart’s calling?

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